Sunday, September 4, 2011

Never stop learning

I learned so many new things last week that I've already started forgetting them.  Nothing completely earth shattering, but interesting nonetheless so I thought I'd share my newly acquired useless information with others.  Some of you might need one of these little trinkets in Trivial Pursuit one day.

1)  Sheep's milk is more nutritious than either cow's or goat's.  It is not widely consumed because sheep produce less milk that either cows or goats, and because the solids (therefore, fat) is roughly double the other types of milk. But this means that so are the other nutrients because they are found in the fat.  I actually learned a whole lot about sheep and their milk, but I'll stop there for now otherwise this will turn into a blog about sheep.

2) Grass fed animals are healthier for you to eat than grain fed (even if the grain is organic) because all of the cancer fighting thingys are found in grass fed meat, not in grain fed.  

3) A Quetzal is a South American bird.  Let me tell you I cannot wait to get a "Q" and a "Z" at the same time in Scrabble, or Words with Friends.  I was so excited to learn this word thinking I might finally have an advantage over the 3 people that seem to continuously amaze me with their vocabulary.  You know who you are.  

4) When finishing a butcher block, if you are going to use it as a cutting board then you would oil it.  If you are not going to cut on it, merely use it as countertop space, then a urethane finish would be just fine (as long as it's still food safe - like a salad bowl finish).  Good luck finding one.  

5) When you do oil the previously mentioned butcher block, wear gloves.  Otherwise your hands will stick together similar to the effect that glue might have on ones skin.  It's pretty hard to get off, too. 

Hopefully this week will be just as educational.