Friday, March 30, 2012

Deep Thoughts and the Deep End

This is gonna be so short because I have no time to blog these days.  We have been sick/recovering off and on for 6 weeks.  I feel like in some ways, this is punishment for the pride I had earlier in February (just one week before everyone got pink eye which started this whole infinite seeming season of sickness) I had boasted to myself that we made it through the winter without getting sick once.  Note to self:  stop counting your chickens before they hatch.

So, having said that I have had all sorts of deep thoughts related to stewardship, and the parable of the talents and how I feel that the Lord gave me 5 of them, and how serious a thing it is to be raising them up to His Glory instead of taking it lightly. I mean, I could really go on about this, but how purposeful I should be with what I invest in these little people.

So, finish deep thought yourself, because I have also fallen off the deep end when it comes to our eating and have decided to swear off all sugar and vegetable oils.  This is also serious.  I actually threw food in the trash the other day because I can no longer in good conscious purchase and consume foods that contain these ingredients.  I vowed to start making my own condiments because everything that you purchase that is premade and I mean everything contains one or both of the taboo ingredients.  I still intend to eat out.  But I just don't want any of that stuff in my house any more.  It would take far too long for me to explain, and this is not an overnight thing.  It's a process, which leads me to a second deep thought regarding Christianity and how it too is a process and everyone is in a different spot in their walk.  The Ephesians study at BSF was really bringing this out to me, and I kept thinking how many parallels there were between my food obsession and Christianity.  "It's a process" has been my mantra for the last 2 weeks.  It's been great.

At any rate, we are here, and alive, and thinking, and if you'll excuse me, two of my talents are crying and I need to go check on my beef tallow.