Friday, April 1, 2016


So, it's been a while since I posted anything reflective on here, but as I sit outside in the middle of the day around my outside fire, I can't resist. Let's say the Spirit is moving me.

I would not call myself a campfire professional by any means, but I've built my share. Since moving here we've had at least 20. I have 5 kids who all like to throw stuff in the fire. So I'm careful. I check the wind. We don't build it big. I hose all the ground around the fire ring. No running inside the fire. Wear shoes. Wear gloves. You get the drill.

So today was no exception. Smallish fire. Pretty still. So when I threw the very last log on, and simultaneously a small gust of wind blew right in my face, I was a little surprised. Then I smelled burnt hair. I was in no pain, so I audibly said "please let that only be my eyebrows. Please not the eyelashes." I guess I was talking to the Lord but He had already made His decision at that point so I ran in the house to see what it was.  I'll relieve any suspense and tell you right now, it wasn't just the eyebrows.


So, life happens and I got halfway through my story and it's been two weeks. The eyelashes have started to grow back, and now I have poison ivy. On. My. Face. One of my boys is a little more concerned about my looks than even I am, and he asked me if my face was going to look like that "forever."  So, I'm having the same reflection that I had over the eyelashes.  That reflection is glorify God in all things. My eyelids and face weren't burned. Praise God. I would rather have poison ivy than head lice any day of the week. Praise God. I'm almost 40, my looks are not what is important. Praise God.  Sometimes you just need a few plagues to remind you.