Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gluten Free and More

So,  we were supposed to have company today.  I was very excited about this meal because one of the people, or maybe the combination of them left me with a challenge: No gluten, no corn, no dairy, and no peanuts.  I've been exploring the no gluten thing for a while, because I have self diagnosed myself with some sort of gluten intolerance... but the corn and dairy and gluten all at the same time were going to be a challenge.  It ended up being fine, even though they couldn't make it, which just gives me another opportunity to do it again later.  We enjoyed the meal, and I was a little bit excited about 2 of the dishes because I got to use some new oil and vinegar that I am totally obsessed with, so I thought I'd share.

First I have to explain my obsession. Veronica foods produces the best olive oil and vinegar you will ever in your life eat. I have been waiting for a store to open in Augusta that carries their stuff... I really can't explain it, you have to just try the stuff yourself.  If you don't live here, contact them and ask what stores are in your area, this stuff is life changing.

OK, so the two things I made with my new acquisitions were a roasted butternut squash with fresh sage, salt and pepper, tossed in the blood orange infused olive oil.  I did put just a tad of a sprinkle of rapadura sugar on it - you could also use honey.  This was so good- the best butternut I've ever had.

Second was dessert,  which was particularly challenging considering no gluten or corn or dairy.  I was a little at a loss, so I made rice pudding.  Something that I have never eaten or had the desire to eat, but it seemed like an easy fix - I could just use coconut milk.  So that is what I did, using arborio rice and rapadura (1/2 cup rice, boiled for ten minutes before cooking in the 4 cups coconut milk and 1/3 cup sugar.). It was actually tasty just like this, but then after chilling, I drizzled espresso vinegar on top and it was awesome.

So there you have it.


  1. Was actually going to mention the celiac/gluten thing when you posted about the mouth sores, but if you have something and mention it to someone else, there's a bit of that "just because you have it doesn't mean everyone has it" issue. Is the olive oil you mentioned the brand your mom has? We did the taste test when we were there.

  2. Yeah, I'm having myself tested just in case... either way I know there's some gluten thing going on because when I don't eat it, I don't get the ulcers. And yes, it is the same. I couldn't stand my only resource being in Virginia, so I called the suppliers and found out who they sold to in Georgia, and then stalked the store until it opened.