Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have sat down a number of times to update this since I last posted, and well, you can see how well I've done.  There were not too many changes in the boys for what seemed like a while, so I was really trying to get the house in order.  It had changed somewhat since my hospitalization and needed some attention.  Unfortunately, I was prohibited from doing much due to my surgery, so I mainly stared at the place and tried to give some direction to my sweet mother, who not only listened but actually did a lot of the work.  I also had a couple of wonderful friends come over to help with rearranging furniture and the like so that we could get things ready for the boys.  All of that said, the place is coming together. 

We do have a couple of mattresses still in the middle of the house waiting for us to clean out our storage room to put them in (hopefully done this weekend).  And there is some furniture sitting on the front porch that we no longer have room for in the house, but aren't sure we have room for it in the storage room either.  At one point I was starting to feel like I was living out a Sanford and Son episode, but my antidepressant has kicked in nicely and I'm starting to be ok with it.  If it's still there in a few weeks I'm just going to have a yard sale.  Which leads me to this - I love Craig's list.  I have been selling all of our personal possessions on this site and it is wonderful.  Well not all of our possessions, but some of them.  Ok, two to be exact, but hey I would sell a whole lot more if I could.  One of the items I sold was our tv stand.  We had a bookshelf built in to our living room and so we didn't have room for our monstrous old tv and the tv stand that it was on.  So I sold the TV stand on Craig's list and donated the TV to some man who collects junk that people leave on the side of the road for the garbage man to pick up.  Anyway, the lady who bought the TV stand, we'll call her Alice, was from Massachusetts, and was very sweet.  The lady she brought with her, whose name I'm not going to change, Ann, must have been from a very rude part of the country, because she was just that.  When they came to collect the tv stand, they had to first move the tv off of it.  It was old, and very, very heavy.  So when I told them they could put it on the floor, Ann says "I'm not going all the way to the floor with this thing, here we'll put it right here." And promptly puts it on a toy box in my living room.  The TV was not really sturdy on this piece of furniture, and so Alice, the one who was actually paying for the furniture says "We can't put that here, it's going to fall over on the kids!"  So Ann starts rearranging my whole living room to prop the TV up with other pieces of furniture, and when she is satisfied, says "There, that won't fall over now, but you'll need to keep your kids out of here until someone can move it to the floor."  Gee thanks, Ann.  Why did I not say something?  I have no idea.  I think my jaw must have been on the floor, either that or I had stopped breathing because I could not get more than a word out of my mouth at a time.  When they started moving the TV stand, Ann's next suggestion was to just put it on the rug in the entry way and use the rug to scoot it to their Mercedes SUV.  Alice exclaims "Ann!  We can't do that!", to which Ann says, "You don't know how to move furniture" and then Alice says back "You don't know how to take care of other people's stuff!" All the while giving me an apologetic look.  If it wasn't for Alice and the fact that she was the one paying for the furniture I might have clocked Ann at that point, because I was starting to come out of it.  Anyway, needless to say they did not use my rug to move the TV stand, and I got my money and everything is fine now.

I've also been cleaning out closets and come to a number of conclusions about the mass quantities of stuff that we've been able to accumulate and how ridiculous it is, but I'll spare you all of that because later today, something very exciting is going to happen - Graham is coming home!  I'm so excited and the two older kids are beside themselves.  Silas doesn't have a clue, but he knows something is happening and keeps walking around saying "Graham" over and over again.  He's going to be in for a surprise I think.  Bennett is still a few weeks out - but he's growing and so they'll probably let him come home by the time he puts on another pound.  So it won't be long before we're all home.  Now the real fun begins!

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  1. Craig's list is awesome! When Jose and I got married we sold tons of stuff on it to get rid of duplicate things as we combined what we had, and we used that money to buy Jose's camera. And Ann sounds like a horrible person. It's upsetting that people act so selfishly.