Friday, February 25, 2011

Gray Hair

So, for about the last 6 months or maybe longer, I've been growing out my gray hair.  I had, for a number of years now, been plucking them.  I don't have that many, but they are all in the front and sort of irritate me, so I normally just plucked them as I saw them.  They have a different texture, they're a little wiry, and pick up the light in ways that I just wish the rest of my hair did. I always ask my hairdresser to check the rest of my head to tell me how bad it's getting, because I am trying to put off getting highlights as long as I possibly can, mostly because of the expense and the maintenance involved once you start something like that.  Well at one visit last year, she told me a story about a lady who plucked her gray hairs and also got highlights, and the gray ones never got highlighted because they were too short to color since she plucked.  So I've been growing them out now for some time so that when I decide to take the plunge, I won't have this issue.  Well I've also been growing out the rest of my hair because I'm lazy and don't want to have to fix it, and so when I pull my hair back in a pony tail is generally when I notice the mass quantities of grays that are kept hidden when I wear my hair down.  Needless to say, I've been noticing them a lot lately.  Normally I would just notice them and go on with my life, but evidently since the extra 25lbs I'm still carrying around has made me feel like I have a double chin and jowls, my subconscious has been bothered by all of this more than I realized and I dreamt last night about gray hair.  In this marvelous dream, R. was pointing out all of my gray hairs.  He was picking through the hair on my head and pointing out that I had a lot in the back and they were really just everywhere and getting out of control, and then he lifted up one side of my hair to point out this huge patch of gray hair that was all growing in together.  Just in case you are wondering, he would never, ever do this. Most of the time when I start whining about it he says something along the lines of "I love your gray hair."  Or something like that.  So I'm not sure where this dream came from, but I think I'm going to have to pluck at least one of these hairs because it is staring me in the face every time I look in the mirror. 

On a totally different subject, the house is back to normal.  The front porch has been cleared, the mattresses are gone from the middle of the house, and our attic and storage shed have never been more organized than they are right now.  So I no longer have that to stress me out.  Graham is just about the perfect baby.  He eats every 4 hours just like they taught him to do in the hospital, sometimes I wake him up but most of the time he wakes up right one schedule, eats and goes right back to bed.  I'm still pumping because he's not nursing very well, so even when he nurses I pump after I feed him, and I usually prop him up on the Boppy while I do that just in case I haven't burped him well enough, and so sometimes he'll look around for a bit but then he just drifts off.  Noise doesn't bother him at all, thank goodness, so he's just out in his bassinet in the middle of the house sleeping all day. I am still pretty exhausted from going up to the hospital every night, and if I ever do have a day where I feel really good I try to run errands, and then feel awful the next day.  Today is the next day in case you were wondering.  But my mom is here, so I'm still able to nap pretty well.  She'll be here for another week, which is great because Bennett is supposed to come home on Monday, and I'll have my postpartum visit and then have a few more days to try to get stuff done before she leaves.  But I figure once we're not going to the hospital every day I'll have a little more energy, although I'm sure it will be redirected toward the babies.  There's no way they're going to both sleep this well for very long. 

Oh yeah, and I saw more gypsies at the hospital. 

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