Friday, April 29, 2011

Birth Announcement

 This is the birth announcement I hope to be sending out soon, seeing as how the babies are over 3 months old now.  Oh well, it's been a busy 3 months.  I keep thinking of all kinds of things to write about, but I just haven't found the time to get on here and do it.  Maybe soon.  Seeing as how I can't remember to bring diapers or wipes or something totally important, don't hold your breath.  So far I've had to either use a spare t-shirt folded up as best I could to use as a temporary diaper, or once I used one of Silas' diapers (size 5) on Bennett (Newborn) so it fastened around his armpits and I probably could have fastened it around his neck if his arms hadn't gotten in the way.  I have to remind myself to eat and drink because I spend the rest of the day feeding 5 children.  Heaven help us when I start cooking again.  Actually I have cooked a couple of times.  "Cooked" is a loose term.  The fanciest thing I've done so far has been a roast in the crock pot.  It took all of 5 minutes to throw a piece of meat, carrots, potatoes and some seasoning in.  I didn't even go to the store to buy the stuff - someone dropped it off.   We've been heavily relying on the grill. But next week is when the meals stop coming so I'll have to start figuring something out.  3 months of meals was more than I could have ever hoped for so thank  you again to everyone who contributed!  Anyway, I have to feed my other 3 kids lunch, so I'll try to remember all of my revelations about child rearing until a later day.

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