Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So, most of you would be surprised to know that my husband makes up these bizarre songs to sing to the kids all the time.  They are truly original, and we joke that he's going to make a cd one day.  Even though it's a joke, quite honestly when you listen to some of these kids songs, he probably could make one and it would sell trillions.  They're catchy, and they get stuck in your head.  At any rate, I thought for the longest time, that a particular "rap", if you will, was his own creation.  It was not until recently that I realized that it was an actual song from the 80's.  "Song" and even "rap" are used in the loosest possible sense here.  My kids love it. And since they will never perform when I ask them to... I just couldn't resist.

The original, in case you have no idea (like myself) what you missed out on in the 80's.

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