Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Farmers Market

We've had a busy last few days and there is so much I have an opinion on that I just can't decide which to talk about.  So I'll just start rambling and see where this goes.  At any rate, school just started back for Russ on Thursday, which means it started for us on Thursday, and which means I am by myself with all 5 kids all day for the first time since the beginning of summer.  I did remember that I have done this before (for a couple weeks before school was out) and so I got less concerned.  I also have been praying a lot about it lately, and the Lord has answered those prayers in that the last few days have actually been great. The kids are excited about doing school, we've had some pretty positive days, and I think we're all going to be just fine.  I even almost took all 5 kids grocery shopping.  Maybe next week.

Well I was going to go off on a highly opinionated topic having to do with why I have so many kids and how much I enjoy being at home with them.  Slightly related to what are people thinking when they say some of the crazy things that come out of their mouth, but instead, I'm just going to write about today.

We went to the Farmers Market today, mainly to let the kids play in the fountain, but also to check out the produce that is down there.  For those of you who live in town if you do not have the opportunity to do this, you can also purchase items from the same local farmers online.  I really wish we could go down there more often, because it's such a cute little market and lots of fun things going on there.


We spent most of the morning at the fountain, while 3 kids played, and 2 kids hung out in the stroller.  Russ chatted with a former student, and visited lots of the food vendors on our behalf, and  I met another mom of twins and visited with her, and took pictures, and watched a young man make some pottery.  I  am always fascinated by the whole pottery making process. 

We always get homemade lemonade and usually try some of the ethic foods that are cooked there.  Today we had filipino street food, i.e. pork and beef kabobs.  They were very tasty - the kids ate most of it.

We topped it off today with some homemade peach ice cream.  I don't even like peach ice cream, but this was tasty.  If this is any indication of the rest of the school year, I think it's going to be a good one!

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  1. On the subject of your highly opinionated topic, I once had all three kids at the grocery store (Drew at 3 in the back of the shopping cart, Alli in the baby carrier in the front of the shopping cart, and Evan in the snugli). Two women walked passed me and one looked at me and then looked at the other one and said, "At least you don't have it that bad." How rude!