Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH or Regaining my composure

So, today was supposed to be Lobster day.  That did not happen.  I went to my morning Bible study, which gets out at noon.  I knew I was going to have to get lunch in the kids before I could go to the store, and didn't want to have to load/unload and then load/unload/load again, so I had the great idea to just go to Earthfare since they have that little eating area next to their hot bar and deli.  So we get there, get our little sandwiches/pizza/macaroni and cheese, and eat an uneventful lunch.  Well Silas didn't eat, he was too busy arguing with a girl his age sitting a couple tables back over his drink.  Evidently she didn't believe that he had an apple juice and he was all out of sorts over it.  Anyhow, we eat, get a few other specialty things that I needed and head back to the seafood department.  When I arrived, I realized, they don't sell live lobster.  Oops.  How could this happen?  So, at this point there is NO WAY we are going to another store, Silas was already late for his nap, the babies were tired, I was already exhausted and I hadn't even started cooking yet. So we just came home.  
After I got Silas in bed and got the babies situated I came to my senses and just started making whatever I could.  It wasn't much. I made the mint oil for the dessert.  Well mostly made it, it's still infusing in the refrigerator so that it will achieve a bright green color.  Here is the mint in my herb-ball ready for blanching.

 I cut the rind off of the cheese for the cheese course and then sliced it on the mandoline.

 And then I cooked some balsamic vinegar to death until what was previously 1/2 cup ended up being the consistency of syrup.  All so I can pipe some dots on the plate of our salad and cheese course.  

I was about to start the cornets, when R. called to tell me that his buddy who is coming for the dinner - someone he has knows for like forever and who we didn't think to ask if he had any food allergies, because when you know someone for forever you assume you know their food allergies - is allergic to shellfish.  Last time I checked, lobster was a shellfish.  So about this time, my head started spinning.  Never have I changed the menu this late.  I mean never.  I have the menu ready weeks ahead of time and plan out my cooking schedule and this I was just not prepared to handle.  I immediately got a headache.  So, after taking a prescription strength aleve, I looked at all of my lists and realized that miraculously, we were going to pull this off just by changing the soup.  We're all still eating lobster, and this guy gets halibut.  I'm not sure how Thomas Keller would feel about this little change-up, and I really don't know how it's going to taste, but it's going to have to work.  Say a little prayer for me, R. is going to the grocery at like 7 am to get some lobsters... tomorrow is going to be a busy, busy day.  

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