Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Short & Sweet

Today, I really did very little cooking.  I finished up the eggplant caviar, and then made creme anglais.  That's it. So, here is the vanilla bean, already split, but before I have scraped out all of the deliciousness.

 Here is the vanilla bean, pod and all, infusing with equal parts heavy cream and whole milk.  This part of the dessert is virtually fat free.

Finished product, waiting to be put in the fridge.

 Even though I did little cooking, I did have to run out to Wal-mart because I ran out of olive oil and needed it for the eggplant caviar, and when you have 5 children and the oldest is 6, this can be an ordeal.  Everyone was extremely well behaved, it just took about 45 minutes to get everyone ready to get in the car, and then an additional 20 to actually get in the car.  Then unloading everyone, including putting on the baby bjorn etc, takes approximately 10 minutes, and we have to walk through the parking lot holding hands so that takes another 5, and then just repeat on the trip back to the car.  So "running" out for olive oil takes around 2-3 hours to accomplish and you only spend like 15 minutes in the actual store. Tomorrow will be more interesting - it's lobster day!

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