Friday, February 19, 2016

Day Before

So, I cooked a lot today. I made mussel stock, and mussels. Reduced tomatoes and pureed them with other ingredients to make a tomato sorbet. Blanched basil to infuse it in olive oil so it would be a vibrant green color. Made these little garlic cracker thingies.

Yet the only photo I took was of the "cornets" that the tuna tartare will go in. I've made these before, they're like little sushi ice cream cones. So tasty. I forgot two things, though. The first thing, was how much batter to use. I did three batches. The first was too thick, the second too thin, the third just right. We will eat all of them. The second thing I forgot, unfortunately, was that in order to make them you have to burn off the first layer of skin on your thumbs and pointer fingers. So that by the time I got to the third and perfect thickness batch I could no longer roll them up without shouting, so that the kids were all running into the kitchen asking what was wrong with me. So here are the pictures. My fingers have finally recovered, you'll be happy to know.

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