Saturday, January 22, 2011

C-sections and such

Well, as I'm sure you're all aware by now, the babies were born yesterday via c-section.  They are doing great and so far I am just fine, but after only 24 hours, I think I prefer delivering babies the way the Lord intended.  I know it wasn't possible in this case, and I am totally grateful for the technology that allowed us all to come through this - without it we might not have had such a good outcome for the boys.  I'm just saying being cut open hasn't been the most fun thing I've ever done. 

The surgery itself went fine.  Needles don't bother me much as long as I'm not watching, so the spinal block went just dandy and being numb was fine.  It was very weird feeling all of the pulling and tugging though.  I'm not sure even how to describe the sensation.  For whatever reason, it took the nurse a while to get R.  - they wanted him to wait until after the anesthesia part was finished before he came in, and so by the time he started walking in my doctor had already started cutting.  So R. gets there, sits down next to my head, and I ask him "Can you see anything yet?"  and he says, "I just saw all of your intestines."  I got to thinking later, this isn't a part of your spouse's body that you probably ever plan on viewing.  Thank goodness he doesn't have a weak stomach.  Right about the time they got the babies out, I started feeling ever so slightly nauseated from all of the pressure around my actual stomach (not the stomach region mind you, the organ itself).  So I let them know and they stick something in my IV.  Then I started having the most incredible heartburn I've ever had in my entire life.  So I tell them this, and they put something else in my IV.  Then they show me the babies, I got to kiss little Graham on the top of his head, and they took them to the NICU.  I think it was at this point that I fell asleep, and I woke up sometime later in the recovery area. The feeling hadn't quite returned fully to my lower half, yet.  But it was mostly there.  I could move, sort of.  So they wheeled me on the bed through the NICU so I could see the boys. 

Then they brought me to my room.  Fortunately, they had me on some good pain medicine, and really as long as I'm lying down or reclined, I feel just fine.  It's the whole moving around thing that's giving me problems.  I mean, they actually made me walk around today.  So, after showering, sitting in an actual chair to eat my breakfast, pumping, and then walking back to my room from the NICU at a snails pace, I think I used more energy in a couple of hours than I have in the last 6 weeks sitting in that hospital bed. 

I was going to try to make it through this on extra strength ibuprofen, but then someone (my friend from upstairs who had her baby a few weeks ago) reminded me that your uterus contracts when you are breastfeeding, and that this time, my uterus has been sliced open and stitched back up.  So, I gave in already and took a percocet.  I hate narcotics.  They make me loopy.  But I only took one, and I haven't felt like I'm having an out of body experience yet, so, so far so good!  I've heard the 3rd day is the worst.  So I'm wondering, is that tomorrow, or Monday? 


  1. From my own experience with 2 c-sections and an exploratory ab surgery last year, I would guess tomorrow :( But, it will get better! For me, the first day of realizing what you're in for was the worst mentally. Second worst is probably that first day home. You don't realize how often you use the buttons on that hospital bed! (and the rails in the bathroom) I'm glad your friend suggested the percocet. For a few days, at least, it's a good idea and won't hurt the babies. One thing you may not know yet, is that the seam on most maternity pants will be right on your incision - you will probably want to track down some yoga-type pants rather than jeans or khakis.

    I hope you heal quickly - I know you're ready! Just take it easy. You may not feel like yourself for 2 weeks or so.

  2. wow..what an experience! As if the babies themselves aren't excitement enough! ;) love you and your stories and know that I did a variation of this in oct and I know how you must feel! talk to you soon! hang in there dear!

  3. We are so glad that they babies are here...
    The C-section is rough. I hope you get to feeling good soon. We are thinking about you! And praying for the little ones.