Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

The past couple of days not much has been going on around here.  Much of this is due to the "severe weather" that has come our way.  Monday only about half the hospital, it seems, came to work.  They had to rustle some people up to bring food to the rooms, doctors offices closed, patients that were here to be induced had to wait another day.  Among the people who were here it was a hot topic of conversation.  For me, not much has been different.  I did get to see the snow on the roof , parking deck, and HVAC equipment that I have a view of from my room, but if it weren't for all the hoopla surrounding the storm, I wouldn't have known otherwise. They actually asked the day-shift nurses to spend the night last night so that they wouldn't have to drive on the roads this morning.  So most of the patient rooms up here were full of nurses (housekeeping was thrilled with this).  Two of the nurses that I am getting to know pretty well (there are 7 regular nurses up here on the 4th floor that I'm getting to know, and then everyone else is a 3rd floor nurse that rotates in for a shift once a month or so), had to work today, so they spent the night.  After they had gotten settled they came in and played Scrabble with me for a little while, and we ate chocolate. 

I finished knitting my monkey hat that I've been working on for a while.  I actually made 3 little hats, all because of the monkey hat.  The monkey hat is crocheted, not knitted and I don't know how to crochet.  So I kept trying to find some knitting patterns that resembled the cute monkey hat I wanted to knit.  The first pattern I tried was cute, but I sort of had to make some stuff up, and in the end, I didn't feel like it had the look I wanted, so I made it a bear hat instead, and it made a cute bear hat.  With the monkey hat still in mind, I tried a couple of other patterns, and them promptly took them out.  It was at this point that I decided to learn how to just crochet and make the monkey hat the way I wanted.  So I tried for several days to teach myself how to crochet.  This didn't go so well, so I took the monkey hat out a few more times, and made a strawberry hat.  I finally decided that I was not meant to crochet, and went back to trying to knit the monkey hat.  I took it out a couple more times, and then the last time, even though I wasn't incredibly happy with it, I just knit it and was going to go with whatever I got because I felt like I couldn't move on with my life until I got the stinking monkey hat done.  So it's done.  It's not as cute as I had wanted, but it's finished, and I've put the knitting down for a few days to sort of collect myself. 

While on my knitting break (since Sunday), I have been reading.  I read a short little book that was ok that someone had loaned me.  It was a fast read, but not something I probably would normally have picked up.  I'll just say, it was Christian-romantic-fiction.  I'm not much into romantic fiction.  I do like period stories, like Jane Austen, however, and this one sort of had that feel.  It wasn't a modern-romantic-fiction.  Anyway, it was ok, a quick read and something to do. 

Then I spent a day researching home school curriculum and trying to figure out what in the world I'm gonna do with the kids in the fall.  I made a LOT of progress on this, and actually feel like I'm starting to get my head wrapped around it all.  I still need to make out a schedule and a few things like that, but I at least feel good about the subject matter that we will be covering and how to go about doing it.  I started getting really excited about it, actually. 

Then I read The Help.  This was a good book.  It only took me about a day to read it.  I thought when I first picked it up, that I might actually be the last person in the world to read it, but then a couple nurses came in and asked about it, so I am not the last (in case you were wondering).  I think I need to rest my eyes tomorrow though.  They are starting to look a little bloodshot. 

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