Friday, February 13, 2015

Final Prep

We are not quite in panic mode yet... more like "I don't have much time to spare mode".
But here are some pictures from yesterday.  I had never made clams before, and the kids are very much getting in to this years preparations.  So this was exciting, and we had to get out an encyclopedia (yes we still own some) and look up clams after this.  Now every child has their own personal clam shell and I'm hoping my house doesn't smell like a wharf in a few days.  

The chips worked this time!  Well most of them.  I only need 6. I think I have 8.

Our last butternut squash from our garden (sniff).  The only biscuit cutter I own (which is actually on permanent leave from my mother-in-law) is fluted, so this will have a little added flair than the dish calls for.  

My frenched-new-zealand-venison-chops all tied up and ready to be cooked.

This thing.  Oh my.  My house smells divine right now.  And this was super easy.  I might have to make it a little more often.

I have approximately 2 hours to get ready, throw in some laundry,  and do a last run through the house before I confine myself to the kitchen for the rest of the day;  but it's all coming together nicely and I am looking forward to the adult conversation along with the meal tonight!

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