Thursday, December 23, 2010

Girls Night In

So, last night I went to get something from the nurse's station right after I updated my blog, because I was headed for bed.  My across the hall neighbor was out there in her wheelchair, and we started talking, and I stayed up way too late.  Evidently she doesn't get awakened at 6 am every day to have vital signs taken.  Anyway, we talked about all sorts of stuff.  She's actually pretty funny.  She is probably funny normally, but I also tend to think that having been on bed rest for 14 weeks, 9 of them in this hospital has probably started to get to her.  Ya see, her water broke when she was 19 weeks along.  Since there is no chance of survival at that point in the pregnancy, she just stayed at home on bed rest for 5 weeks.  I'm not sure they expected her little boy to keep growing the way he has, and her not go into labor or anything.  Once she got to 24 weeks in the pregnancy, they admitted her here, since there was a chance of survival at that point.  She is now 33 weeks along, and scheduled to be here for 3 more weeks before they do her c-section.  Even though her little boy is growing, they don't know what the outcome of this is going to be for him.  Apparently, the fluid helps lung development, and since she had very little of that, being ruptured and all, they don't know if he'll be able to breathe once he's born.  Yet here she is, crazy, and joking around and all.  She has a great attitude, and has helped put things in perspective for me.  She also gives me survival tips.  So far I have learned:  about the Salon downstairs, that you can order food not on the menu if you sweet talk the ladies in the cafeteria (and it's really good food they tell me - you can even get Chick-fil-A!), to have the nurses wheel you around the hospital periodically just to people watch (she's making me out a scavenger hunt), and that there is a restaurant and atrium over in another wing that's really nice to visit.  Also, that's it's important to keep your sense of humor.  This is only temporary, and even though it might seem like it's gonna be a long time, it will really be short when it's all done and we look back on it.  I do have to say though, tonight, I am going to try to go to bed a little earlier.  I don't know if I can party like that every night.

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