Friday, December 31, 2010

Visitors, Hats, and Puzzles

Well, I haven't posted anything since Monday because I don't feel like anything particularly interesting has happened in the last few days.  It's been fairly routine.  Someone comes and takes my blood pressure and temperature at 6:15, and checks to find out what each baby's  heartrate is, which takes just a couple minutes.  Then I go back to sleep until "Dining on Call" calls me at 8:00 or so to find out what I want for breakfast, which for the first couple of weeks was eggs in some form or fashion b/c I was trying to really ramp up the protein, but for the last 3 days has been oatmeal, because I started feeling puny a few days ago (although I am fully recovered now).  Then I lay in bed for a couple of minutes until the sonographer gets here, or my breakfast.  Normally both appear around 8:30 or so, and so I eat and have an ultrasound by 9 or 9:15.  Then the babies get put on the monitor and I am ready to actually start my day by around 10 or 10:30. 

This week, on Tuesday, I had a lot of visitors and spent most of my afternoon talking.  One of my visitors brought me some cuter yarn and more needles, so I promptly stopped working on my scarf and knitted a cute little baby hat that I will take a picture of and post if I can figure out how to do such a thing.  Also, Tuesday evening USA played all 3 Pirates of the Carribean movies, and I watched the second one, and part of the 3rd one.  Wednesday I had a few more visitors in the morning, and then knit all afternoon because I have become slightly obsessesed with it.  R. and the kids brought Zaxby's up for dinner, and then I knit all night until I finished my little hat.

Then yesterday, I had no visitors, but I did have a sore throat, so I just sat in my pj's and knit on a second hat that I have started on that is now driving me crazy.  I have taken this thing out like 4 times, and then finally got it to work, but by the time I got it work I was about to pull my hair out, so I put down the knitting and put together a hummingbird puzzle.  I spent pretty much all day on this puzzle.  I have not done one in years, and actually enjoy them.  While I was piecing it together I could not help but think about getting old, and how I normally associate puzzles with old people in retirement homes, and that when I do get old, I plan on investing a lot of time and energy into them because they are fun, and it's better than spending your life in front of the television.  It also makes your day fly away from you.  I would spend what seemed like 15 minutes on it and then look at the clock and two hours would have gone by.   I did not have any deep revelations about aging, I was just picturing myself as an old person.  I've always wanted to be a spry old person, but sometimes things don't work out the way you want, so if I am not one of those old people who can still hike and snow ski and stuff like that then I'll be an old person who does puzzles.  Anyway, it was fabulous.  

The other sort of exciting thing that happened yesterday was my friend across the hall had her baby!  Her water has been broken for almost 15 weeks and then all of the sudden yesterday she started to get an infection in the fluid.  So they had to get that baby out right away.  He's doing ok, but he'll be in the NICU for a while because of his little lungs, and since she lives an hour away from here, she's just going to spend a few nights in one of the empty rooms up here so she doesn't have to have someone drive her back and forth.  Anyway, he came a couple weeks earlier than she was hoping, but I know she's glad that she can go home now if she wants to.  Since I didn't have a revelation about aging, I had a revelation about this little experience.  I have been spending more time meditating (although I know it sounds like I just jump from one thing to the next) on my relationship with God and just truly relying on Him.  Well I had been thinking about that for a couple of days, and how it's hard to focus on that when I'm at home because so much is going on there, and how even though I'm not thrilled to be cooped up here all the time, how I could benefit from having so much time to talk to God and really reflect on some stuff.  I had been thinking about how I needed to make sure that I used this time to really train myself in relying on Him instead of myself or something else so that when I do get out, I'll be in the habit of it.  You're probably wondering where this is going and why I didn't start a new paragraph.  I'm getting there.  After J. had her baby, even though I am very happy for her, I was a little sad that my friend was going to leave (here I am making it all about me).  I realized that I had been taking comfort in knowing that someone else was here going through the same thing (except for longer).  So in a way, her presence was a great source of comfort and support to me.  Not to mention she made it fun because she is a funny person.  But what I realized last night, is that even here, I had found a way to get sidetracked once again, and that I needed to be finding my comfort and support in the Lord.  He has been and is being so faithful to me, and here I am looking all around me to find what really only He can offer someplace else.  It is amazing what He will use to get me back on track. 

So today, I'm feeling a little more purposeful in finding my comfort in the Lord.  I also picked up my knitting again and have decided to try to finish this little irritating project I picked for myself.  Plus I had a friend come up and wheel me down to the Chic-fil-A on the first floor for lunch and we had a nice visit.  Tonight, I might try to watch part of the Chic-fil-A bowl, if I can keep myself awake for it.  I briefly considered ordering a pizza, because Papa John's is rumored to deliver to rooms in the hospital.  Although it's going to be a busy night in the world of pizza, so I am now reconsidering that.

Happy New Year tomorrow!!  (Oh yeah, and i'm 29 weeks today!!)


  1. Sarah, great thoughts! What a great attitude to be so thoughtful about finding a purpose for all that you are going through. Let Him be your joy and your comfort! Have sure been praying for you and thinking about you guys a lot.
    ps- way to go on 29 weeks! you're almost there...

  2. merry christmas and happy new year and btw you're doing AWESOME!!! I love that hospital with it's fancy chikfila and nail salons! :) and I love that you are doing puzzles..i will SO take you on next time we have 1000 hours to sit around and do one! I love you and miss you and am so happy you have made it 29 weeks!